Where are you located?
Simply, where ever I am! A wandering mender. I don't currently have a storefront for mending...yet. 

What are your rates? 
Rates depend on labor time, tools, and technique used. A wool or cashmere darn is going to be more costly than a denim patch. In general, mending is about $30-$60/hour. 

Can you fix my zipper/hem my garment? 
Nope! All my work is done by hand and those jobs are for the very talented seamstresses and tailors in your area. That is, until I master my machine skills!

When can I expect my mended garments back?
Turn around time is usually two weeks unless otherwise specified. I am usually able to accommodate emergencies!

How do I get my garment to you?
If you are local to me, we can schedule a mending meeting. If you aren't local, you can mail me your item(s) and you will receive an invoice once I receive the package. Once the invoice is paid, I'll get to work and have your item(s) in the mail within two weeks. 

Do you teach or host classes?
I offer 1 on 1 lessons and classes! If you're interested in help on a certain project, want to plan a little mending party, or looking for regular classes for you or someone you love, contact me!