Bring your garments back to life

Visible mending is the craft of repairing a garment using brightly colored materials, making the hole or damaged area something beautiful. Fabric, thread, and technique are chosen based on the damage being repaired and the use of the garment. Visible mending brings new life to your beloved wears with creative repairs to fix holes, reinforce worn areas like elbows, crotch, and knees, cover stains, strengthen hems, and more. 

I believe your worn garments have life left to live!

This is a very personal service. We will discuss color and technique and what would fit your garment best. All mends are done by hand, using all natural materials such as wool, cashmere, silk, cotton, and linen. Vintage and recycled materials are prioritized. Price is determined on a case to case basis. 

Additional embellishments such as custom embroidery is also available!

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